About Us

Matangini Teacher's Training Institute, named one of the famous women Matangini Hazra (Bengali: মাতঙ্গিনী হাজরা; 19 October 1870 29 September 1942) was an Indian revolutionary who participated in the Indian independence movement until she was shot dead by the British Indian police in front of the Tamluk Police Station.

Our Aims and Objectives:

  • To initiate, set up and run financial institutions with respect to Professional, educational, vocational, social, cultural, health and related matters.

  • To establish college centre for higher education in Medical Pharmacy and Ayurvedic, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing and allied health education.

  • To launch a movement amongst the women and other backward classes to revoke/uphold their interest in the larger society.

  • To assist in and further the education and training of persons of all ages whether in India or elsewhere i.e. to start and establish nursery, primary schools and Higher Education.

  • To establish educational institutions, hostels and maternity centers for poor, needy and weaker section of the society.

  • To submit memorandum, proposals and suggestions to the Government of West Bengal and other Governments, Semi-Governments any University and other local bodies for the solution of problems and forever all development of the drug herbal industries and other allied products.

  • To general coordination and harmony amongst the members of different units, sub-units to ensure competitive business.

  • To set up training institutes to impart theoretical, practical and technical education in pharmacologist .and knowledge among the youths in the pursuit of self employment and self-entrepreneurship and of employment as trainers, motivators and- managers in industry and trade by various means like training, orientation and awareness programmes, guidance, study courses, supply of study materials, lectures, symposia, seminars, exhibitions, debates and interactive meetings, research programmes, tours, counseling and consultancies through audio-visual programmes and through other means society may deem fit and proper for fulfillment of its objectives.

  • Our College committee secretary Mr. Nikhiles Bera.

Our Student capacity (Intake) :

B. Ed Course:- 100 students and D. El. Ed Course: - 100 Students.

Mandatory College Hour:

  • Monday 10:45 AM Class start & 4:15 PM Class End
  • Tuesday 10:45 AM Class start & 4:15 PM Class End
  • Wednesday 10:45 AM Class Start & 1:45 PM Class end (Half Day)
  • Thrusday Hollyday
  • Friday 10:45 AM Class start & 4:15 PM Class end
  • Saturday 10:45 AM Class start & 4:15 PM Class end
  • Sunday 10:45 AM Class start & 4:15 PM Class End

Our Teachers:

  • Our respected teachers are as follows

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